Canadian Households’ Perspective on the New Economy (CHP)

The Initiative will underscore the important link between women and Canada’s prosperity during the COVID-19 recovery and post-recovery periods. Through quantitative research, we will look at prevailing attitudes and COVID-19 impacts on women’s careers, skills development, workforce trajectories and women’s economic security. We will also assess how COVID-19 is affecting family life, work/life integration and women’s responsibilities at home.  CHP will take a close look at overall household spending which in itself accounts for more than half of the Canadian economy. Since women make or influence 70-80% of household purchases, the Initiative will be an important barometer of confidence (or concern) in the Canadian economy during the COVID-19 recovery and post-recovery periods. Our aim is to create a critical shift in public opinion towards the valuable role of women in the Canadian economy and the importance of skills innovation for women.

We will engage Canadians in this research through national polls to track public opinion on these important topics and will share our findings. The Initiative will feature a series of webinars that will bring women together from across Canada to share their thoughts on our research findings, to learn from each other and from experts on how to navigate during these times, manage household budgets, improve their economic security and access re-skilling opportunities.

Burnout is the new threat to Canada’s economy – especially for women

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